Bandcamp Friday – 09/20

The Night Monitor

I’m trying to limit my Bandcamp Friday purchases to things I’ll actually get time to listen to. So, here’s my five purchases and recommendations.

The Night Monitor – Spacemen Mystery of the Terror Triangle

Neil Scrivin works under a variety of pseudonyms, but The Night Monitor is my favourite incarnation of his. No one captures the retro-sounding, could-genuinely-be-a-lost-soundtrack thing quite as perfectly, or as sincerely as Neil. His ability to capture a past time and sensibility in audio is unparalleled.

christ. – pylonesque

I only heard of christ. this week in an online discussion as an old friend of Boards of Canada, who worked on their very early material. Whether this is accurate or not, I don’t know. However, this sounds fantastic.

VLSI Records

BUNKR – Appl Skies

Octavcat – Arbourne

These are from VLSI Records and are pay-what-you-want on digital formats today. The covers are incredible, so I got a couple of them.

Field Lines Cartographer – The Spectral Isle

There had to be a Castles in Space purchase, surely! And this is from local legend Field Lines Cartographer is on pre-order only, but it’s bound to go quickly, so I had to dive in.