Room Tones Green

Room Tones Green

Room Tones Green is part of a series of ambient electronic jams created by Simon James. This is deep, lush ambient sound creation – edited into two 50 minute sections from one long self-generated Buchla jam.

James has created these pieces by creating a self-generating Buchla patch and leaving it running whilst he gets about his business. There is next to no further input from James himself, apart from the occasional tweak.

The sounds created are ambient of the best kind – gentle, unpredictable tones flow in and out of various scenes or moods creating a calming, meditative vibe. It could be background music, but rewards in-depth listening so well.

Room Tones Green is just one of a series – also including Purple, Red, Yellow and Blue. Money made from the sale of the series goes to the Chestnut Tree House Children’s Hospice.