YouTube Inspiration #1

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There are hundreds if not thousands of YouTube channels to draw some inspiration from, or to learn a few things about making electronic music – which in itself is a colossal process of songwriting, sound design, arranging, producing, engineering, mixing and more. Here are a few of the channels I watch to be inspired or to learn my way through a new technique.

Ned Rush

Ned Rush presents a series of amazingly fun tutorials on getting the most from Ableton Live. He’s recently done a series on using the in-built functionality of Ableton to produce beats like famous Warp Records artists. He verges towards the breakcore and IDM sides of electronica, but it’s an amazing deep dive into the sheer depth and flexibility of the DAW and your ability to use it as an instrument.

Seed to Stage

Seed to Stage is perhaps the best for in-depth tutorials into Ableton Live and all it’s features. Where Ned Rush excels in techniques for creating more extreme, unconventional music, Seed to Stage looks at tips and techniques that are more general, and give you a better understanding of the many tools within Ableton. The deep dive into Operator is an essential watch.

White Sea Studio

My favourite place for no-bullshit plugin reviews – Wytse Gerichhausen is an absolute devotee to hardware, and he really knows his audio. The Snake Oil series of videos are refreshingly merciless – he’s looking for high-quality audio, and simple, clean interfaces. If a plugin gets a Snake Oil thumbs up, it’s probably worth considering.

David Bennett Piano

David Bennett is one of the best vloggers out there diving into music theory. His videos look at scales, modes, time signatures and more and how pioneering artists like Radiohead and The Beatles use them within their music.

30 Minute Music Marketing

Aimed at smaller, amateur and semi-pro bands and musical acts out there, the 30MMM videocast is jam-packed with useful strategies, ideas and hints. As musicians, we often disregard the marketing of our music, being far more involved in the creative, musical process. But 30MMM makes you realise just how much effort publicising your work requires, but never makes it seem like a burden!