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Encontro das Águas

Dublock – Encontro das Águas

Encontro das Águas by Dublock Five tracks of hypnotic, ambient dub techno pulsing with the Meeting of the Waters. Begun in 2018 and more or

Kush Audio

Kush Audio

I’ve been using the time in lockdown – and, admittedly, the spare money not used in commuting, lunch and coffee breaks – to try out

The Night Monitor

Bandcamp Friday – 09/20

I’m trying to limit my Bandcamp Friday purchases to things I’ll actually get time to listen to. So, here’s my five purchases and recommendations. The

YouTube logo

YouTube Inspiration #1

There are hundreds if not thousands of YouTube channels to draw some inspiration from, or to learn a few things about making electronic music –


Sun is the fourth release from Manchester’s Apta, and a beautiful thing it is too. Mixing Eurorack synthesis with delicate, processed guitars and electronic drums

Valhalla Delay

No plugin has made such an immediate impression or has become such an essential piece of kit, as quickly or as firmly as Valhalla Delay.

Room Tones Green

Room Tones Green

Room Tones Green is part of a series of ambient electronic jams created by Simon James. This is deep, lush ambient sound creation – edited

A Serene Sky and Clear Air

Dublock – A Serene Sky and Clear Air

TC5.005 – A Serene Sky and Clear Air / $T∆3IL by Dublock / Trium Circulorum A split double-album with Trium Circulorum offering some smooth, late-night